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SO creative projects, a Melbourne based arts and culture creative consultancy, has curated, produced and directed a substantial variety of arts programs across a range of venues and festivals.

It has experience in developing creative content, acquiring interdisciplinary talent and leveraging strong stakeholder relations. SO creative projects is committed to supporting artists and fostering arts-based creative economies. Major clients have included government, commercial and cultural organisations.


The Principal of SO creative projects, Suzanne Olb, was also co-founder and creative director of renowned Melbourne arts and cultural events management company, explosivemedia, for more than 20 years. Most recently, she has been arts and culture programs lead for a local government in Melbourne. 

Download the Principal’s detailed biography [CV].


Creative Programming

Harnessing the transformative power of arts and culture to achieve meaningful connection, value and impact in diverse and innovative programs – including performances, exhibitions, and experiences.



Bringing visions to life with meticulous planning, coordination, and seamless execution.



Crafting words that captivate, inform and inspire, breathing life into every story.



Polishing content to perfection, refining ideas and ensuring clarity with expert editorial finesse.

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